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Get a picture from your current situation.
Set your own goals, know what you’re planning, grow and improve!

The Servitization Maturity. We don’t sell a ‘Spaceship’ at our clients, which need a more ‘Sporty car’ first. Of course you can make bigger steps within IoT topics and Servitization, but the value and ROI’s could be achieved earlier. We support Servitization with a scan that provides an overview about your “Service, Maintenance & Assets” Maturity. This provides you a number of useful details and illustrates a picture for planning and linking goals and making them mutually supportive.

We can have a picture of your company People, Processes and Products/Data (3P’s) within a few days up to 2 weeks. This depends about the scale of your company and processes.


  • People; management, competences, capacity
  • Products; knowledge, budget, automation
  • Processes; methods, workflows, data, and information

When your scan and report is finished, you have a picture based on ISO 55000 (Asset management / Servitization) with 235 scanned items, about your “AS IS” and planned “TO BE” situation. This supports; Efficiency, Effectiveness, Quick wins, Management of Change, Continues improvement. We Learn and Do this together, based on best-practices and benchmark your own goals. See below an overview about the Maturity levels with more details, from stage 1 until stage 4.

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