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The name Scheper.Co is linked to the founder Chris Scheper, whereby .Co represents the link for companies/partners. Scheper.Co aims to help organizations with (strategic) process improvements and product developments for a better, smarter, more sustainable world. Bridging the gap between processes and product design has become our highest priority. Process improvements form a solid basis for product development and will establish new connections for success. After receiving rewarding testimonials from leading companies since the establishment, with conviction, we know how we can accelerate your company in an appropriate manner in today’s industrial revolution 4.0 within the Energy IndustrySmart Industry and Agriculture sectors.

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Some history_

It started at a young age, where Chris Scheper comes into contact with the agricultural world and became very interested in the environmental, process and mechanical aspects of this sector. To this end, nature offers a source of inspiration.


Besides this, he also comes into contact with the innovative world of motorsport. Unconsciously he became familiar with the ensemble of technology, innovation, commercial impact, physical and mental influences. Many of these aspects are a discovery of the technical ingenuity and accompanied by a healthy dose of curiosity.

That refinement is hidden in details became obvious and these details were soon questioned. Every object has a function and/or is used for a reason. The more you aim at it, instead of looking at the imposition of truth, an enrichment with a stronger awareness will be provided. Therefore connections become easier to discover and are more tangible.
“You will only see it when you get it – Johan Cruijff”.

It isn’t surprising that Chris obtained education programs in Engineering. He started at the Intermediate Technical School and continued a study Mechanical engineering and Business administration at the Hanze-University. He completed his study with research at the P&E-lab from the TU-Delft and followed a Masterclass at Singularity University.
Eventually, his career started as an engineer in the energy industry, focused on drilling techniques and well services. However, the agricultural sector has always been a part of his entire career. After several years working at different companies as an engineer, project manager, operational manager, and consultant, he launched his own engineering and consultancy company in 2014. Please check his LinkedIn with further details. 

Why the Elephant_

The power of technological advances is always accompanied by the influence and acceptance of the human being. Only then disruptive innovation will be a success. By properly asked questions and staying curious, we are able to give conscious direction to this strategy and we connect solutions that enrich our lives and finally contributes into more convenience.

For that reason, we used a combination of the [S] and Elephant in our logo. Elephants have problem-solving capabilities, are self-aware, social, obtained the highest degree of intelligence in the animal kingdom and are capable to ably tools. This wonderful symbol is the best character of our personality and our core values “Elephants can read your heart”Want to work together? I’d love to hear from you.