Strategic Management 

Scheper&Co Strategic ManagementStrategic Management is the core of our integrated set of services. The world is constantly changing and adaptation of matching strategic and tactical plans is necessary. We provide a blend of design, systems and strategic thinking with a business and technology mindset to engineer your future roadmap. Our services lead from analysis to discovery, from design to planning and we translate this into the delivery of the desired outcomes with a program of execution. If necessary we empower this with our scalable ecosystem of dedicated experts.
As strategists, we stay close to ourselves and therefore operate as pioneers. Free thinking is important and this starts with curiosity, we fulfil strategic roles such as;

  • The Innovator; we design and develop a vision on the market and apply new products/services that fit the vision
  • The Strategist; we gain support through comprehensive studies for ideas and execution
  • The Detective; we apply analyses and discoveries between the competition and target group

Some applied methods or technologies_
Service Design Thinking, Servitization modelling (Advanced services), Value proposition design, Business model generation, Business re-engineering, Assessing operations, Strategy design,  Moonshot Blueprint, Innovation Horizons, Pestel assessment, Hypothesis testing, Business-case development, Benchmarking, Swot, Data/IT architectures, Change management, Financial analysis, Root-Cause-Analysis, Value-driven Maintenance, Reliability-Centred-Maintenance, Feasibility studies, Storytelling

Project Management 

Scheper&Co Projectmanagement

Strategy without implementation is a dream. Through our Project/Program management services, we shape efficiency and team efforts, which guide us to solutions with maximum impact. Based on a pragmatic approach and set of tools we organise, structure and record every project, and sharpen this if necessary during the process. Without a decent structure, reaching higher quality levels and progress is difficult.
As project managers, we work with proven methods and steps, such as;

  • Initiation phase
  • Definition phase
  • Design
  • Preparatory phase
  • Implementation
  • Aftercare

Some applied delivery methods or technologies_
Prince2, PDCA(Deming), Kanban, Agile, Scrum, Lean, Six Sigma, CPM (Critical Path Method), Gotik (Geld, Organisatie, Tijd, Informatie, Kwaliteit), Risk Assessment

Product Development 

Scheper&Co Product Development

From de Product Development perspective we provide a set of methods, techniques and tools for aiming the industrialisation of new products and projects. Our services can lead the initial idea phase, from consultancy to design, from engineering to preparation, and the project management for the build, test and launch of your future product or project. We have also the ability to increase our R&D capacity, by directing research and innovation teams on your needs. We focus on the sectors of Agriculture, Energy Industry, Smart Industry and Water Industry, and our contribution needs to accomplish at least some of the following principles; More Economic Value, Increasing Efficiency, Smarter Designs, More Sustainability or more Reliability.
As product developers, we hold knowledge and experience within the following subject areas;

  • Idea Generation
  • Conceptual Design
  • Mechanical- and Systems Engineering
  • Product Engineering
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Machine Learning and Analytics
  • Bio-mimetics

What are the benefits

Eco-system of Knowledge
Mind of curiosity
Find your People
Proficiency and continuous improvement
Step into the Future
Experience the power of exponential technologies
Create your Roadmap
Convert strategic value
Shift to Impact
Find opportunities and learn how to deploy

LabelBlue Supercharging Programs 

Together with our eco-system and LabelBlue Programs, we can offer also amazing Servitization and Analytics-as-a-Service Programs, where curiosity and capabilities meet. We know our limitations, and for this, we partner with innovative companies in the Netherlands, Europe, the USA, and the Middle East.

Within our integral LabelBlue program approach, our consults form the core together with our applied methods and tools, for bridging these most valuable disciplines within your production chain. We supercharge your strategy with best practices, and if these are not present, we will take care of this, so that our customers can be focused on their core business. Our superchargers Servitization and Analytics-as-a-Service programs are not a goal in themselves but provide guidance to move forward based on low thresholds, proven methods and advanced technologies.

    Servitization Blue        Product as a Service    Analytical Services BlueAnalytics as a Service

LabelBlue Supercharging Products 

Because we like to develop products and notice rising chances, we also launch our own products with the support of our eco-system. Check our own developed LabelBlue Products, like the QRS, which is widely adopted within our focus industry that moves the world forward.

Product DevelopmentQRS Blue

Credentials of execution 

The sector blocks below provide a link that guides you to our latest assignments, results, and recommendations. Are you also ready to supercharge your goals?

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