Empower your process with smart designs_ 

Accelerating Innovation. We make the difference with sustainable, rewarding, smart and efficient solutions. This essence guards our high standards and provides consistency in our services by empowering Processes, Products and People ‘3P’s’. We defined and established a connection between our applied skills on Product design, Maintenance/Services, Asset management and Customer experience Processes. We inspire by People training, Team coaching and Management development.

How can we help you?

We can help you with Product engineering & Process Consultancy challenges. A quick summary of our services is shown in the 6 stones below.

How we can help

Do you want to find out more about our specialities and ‘3P’s’ model? And how we Intent, Inspire, Innovate and Improve ‘I4’ your challenges? Please, read the summary below.

Our decisions and responsibilities are guided by I4′. We Intent to support, coordinate and develop projects within the 3 services below, with focus on the sectors Agriculture, Smart Industry and Energy IndustryOur professional competence includes technology together with outstanding knowledge and abilities and therefore we joined forces and offer unique services.

Services, Process, Product, People


We Improve your Process and Life Cycle Cost (LCC) by Maintenance Consultancy, Asset management, Predictive Maintenance, Service management (Servitization), Customer Experience Support, IT-consultancy, Artificial Intelligence and Lean Management. Together with (international) partners we Connect your product, equipment or plant. We Collect your (Big)-data wherever you want. We Learn and Do this together, based on best-practices.

With defined and applied skills; Software (CMMS, ERP, S-CRM, DWS, Predictive Maintenance), Asset management (ISO 55000), Blueprinting and Best-practices; VDMxl, LEAN, RCM II, RCA, C2C, PDCA, OEE with Benchmarks.


We Innovate products and equipment by Engineering your product with a holistic-approach. The need for customization and support will increase and our approach is equipped in a combination of; People knowledge, Theory knowledge, Data knowledge, Variation knowledge, System knowledge in a technical and social context (Holistic).

We are specialised in Mechanical engineering, Systems engineering, Machine Learning, Bio-mimetics and Business development
With defined and applied skills; Software (3D CAD and Simulation) Business Model Generation, Service Design, Value Proposition Design, Trend search, Feasibility studies, Blue Ocean, Storytelling, DfM and RAMSHE together with best-practices from international manufactures (partners).

We have also the ability to increase our R&D capacity, by directing research and innovation teams on your needs. For this we are partnering with an Innovation-Hub for Agriculture in the Middle-East.


We Inspire people and adapt your (change) process for human results and a Smart Workforce. Change is the only consistency, together with InExtern we offer skills; Team coaching, Management development and Organisation development, Interim management, Recruitment & Selection.

Where can we start_?

Inspiring texts appeal to our imagination and provide us a number of useful and specific suggestions, which helps us to achieve our goals. We have to find ways of linking these goals and making them mutually supportive. Let’s make this concrete!

  • Do you have temporary capacity problems attn. to our services?
  • Do you need an independent technical analysis or advice?
  • Do you need help to determine the technical strategy?
  • Do you make the proper technical/business choices?
  • Do you have maintenance or asset management issues?
  • Do you have engineering challenges?
  • Do you want to apply product innovations?
  • Do you need an independent sparring partner?
  • Would you like to check the feasibility of an idea or project?
  • Do you want to accelerate with a Smart workforce?
  • Do you already design your product or process with (historic) proper data input?
  • Is your process or product sustainable enough?
  • Do you want to create specific value from Big data (SLA, TCO, NPV)?
  • Do you want to outsource the business related “connecting the dots”?

Thank you for your interest in Scheper.Co – Engineering & Consulting. Whatever your future challenge, questions or project is – we’d like to hear from you. For this, we refer to our contact page.

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