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Transform your daily business from ‘PRODUCT MANUFACTURER’ to ‘INTEGRATED SOLUTION PROVIDER’ with ‘Products-as-a-Service’.

Servitization, Product-as-a-Service, PRODUCT MANUFACTURER, INTEGRATED SOLUTION PROVIDER, Just-in-Time, Fit-for-Use, Smart-Workforce, LabelBlue

OEMs (Manufacturers), Asset owners and Service companies will experience a transformation in the coming years, where ‘pay-for-use’ will become one of the important aspects of the daily business (Product-as-a-Service). Servitization, Product-as-a-Service, PRODUCT MANUFACTURER, INTEGRATED SOLUTION PROVIDER, Just-in-Time, Fit-for-Use, Smart-Workforce, LabelBlueThese companies gradually shifting their focus from only sales or purchases of (new) products, towards a product offering with an operational lifecycle and additional services called ‘Servitization’. Here an attempt is made how to govern value-added services, or extend the lifecycle and optimize, or to shorten it, in the context of durability, efficiency, and value.

Servitization, Product-as-a-Service, PRODUCT MANUFACTURER, INTEGRATED SOLUTION PROVIDER, Just-in-Time, Fit-for-Use, Smart-Workforce, LabelBlue




Servitization generates different opportunities between Asset owners, OEM and Service Providers and forms an interesting economic model. Services are also sold more quickly and offer more stability, they are less susceptible to economic fluctuations. Because the operational- (life)cycle usually knows a long life and will contribute to the associated lifetime costs. This method is also more sustainable and very suitable for (ad hoc) adjustments and improvements, given the exponential trend of technological developments.



Strategic Benefits

Increase Value
Increase your Profitability and Margins and provide also more value for customers.
Increase Efficiency
Fit-for-purpose products, improve the TCO with Uptime, Performance and Quality.
Improve Products
Become adaptive, innovate with Smart Integrated Designs following circular principles.
Inspire your Workforce
Capture Knowledge and Create a Top-team, inspire by lean and uniform processes.

Bridge between 3P’s

We have 10 focus areas for Servitization and offer different proven solutions for the applications 01. until 10. (see below). We see different elements in our Servitization program that switch between internal- and external processes and they all have specific requirements.

People to People (P2P), People to Machine (P2M), Machine to Machine (M2M), Servitization Process, Bridge between tech and culture

Overall we focus on 3P’s+AI within this program and like to connect People(P1) in a way that makes them more valuable and more relevant. We prefer to use easy workflows and generate powerful insights from your data, and generate value that is driven by its people. For this, we align Processes(P2) by delivering the right information to the right person or machine and use the right information from the people and machines at the right moment. We Convert Data, from big data into smart data, then decision making becomes easier, and we are able to Connect Products(P3) by physical machines and objects so your products (things) become smart if this leap is still a struggle.

Take a sneak preview about the Servitization solutions below ↓ 

Servitization solutions

Please, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can you imagine that you are going to offer or purchase services instead of just products?
  • How do you maintain the relationship with your customers during the lifecycle?
  • What will be your product contribution within a waste less circular economy?
  • What maintenance and services are currently arranged for delivered and purchased products?
  • Are your products already connected (smart)?
  • If your products are already connected, which data is used from these (mini) assets?
  • How predictive maintenance and data analytics are used for your organization and customers?
  • Is your current revenue model solely based on product sales?
  • Which operational data is used for product designs?

Empower Your Future_

We believe in closing the gap between; people, processes and products (data/it) ‘3P’s’. The full profile (01. until 10.) of needed applications can be offered to start with ‘Adding value’ and ‘Servitization’ if there is nothing available yet. If you have already installed systems, we can start directly with analytics around your existing systems, and extend this with other necessary applications. With experience and field knowledge, we can execute this quickly, with powerful visualizations and interactive dashboards. Resulting in business optimization, more efficiency, new value-added services and business models.

Consulting steps

Develop a hypothesis
Engagement and Consult, AS IS and TO BE concept 3P’s
Canvassing the roadmap
Template with a Digital Framework (Performance and Value) A.I.

After we defined the Digital framework, we can start with the Servitization journey, together with our Analytical services, based on small increments, and if necessary supported with additional elements (mentioned above). Within this topic we need to align about Sense, Understanding and Act to generate the first Value and provide a powerful acceleration.

Find Fast or Fail Fast
Execute success criteria
Scale analytics-as-a-Service, per unit/machine, per tag, etc.

Challenge your next product that has more value, by improved reliability and increased revenues. We can offer you customized solutions and prefer the outcome-driven instead of a software-driven approach. Please, fill in the below form for a White Paper request with Scientific resources included. Or take a sneak-preview at the “Servitization Solutions” sub-menus above. Or Check how we can execute the Servitization journey together, and transform this into a business model.

Transform the Servitization-journey into a business model

Execute the Servitization journey and turn this into a business model!

The Servitization Model Canvas below comprise the journey, based on a one-slider. We can start with small increments or provide the ability for building a complete framework, with Advanced analytics (A.I.) and involved (Processes, People, and Products) 3P’s. The canvas provides ideas and questions, how to build new business models based on Servitization. The full framework is further supported within the above Consulting Steps_ and Analytics-as-a-Service steps_

We can plan short- or long term objectives within this journey by canvassing a specific roadmap for service bundles. We can start with an assessment of the potential for your organisation, to define the capabilities and necessary digital transformation enablers. Or we can even start with a workshop as the first attempt if companies would like to find out more about the topic from a strategic point of view.


“A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits, they will be embarrassingly large!”
~ Henry Ford ~

Servitization Model Canvas


Video | Servitization

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