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Transform your daily business from “PRODUCT MANUFACTURER” to “INTEGRATED SOLUTION PROVIDER” with “Products-as-a-Service”.

Servitization, Product-as-a-Service, PRODUCT MANUFACTURER, INTEGRATED SOLUTION PROVIDER, Just-in-Time, Fit-for-Use, Smart-Workforce, LabelBlue

OEM’ers (Manufacturers), Asset owners and Service companies will experience a transformation in the coming years, where “pay-for-use” will become one of the important aspects of daily business (Product-as-a-Service). These companies gradually shifting their focus from only sales or purchases of (new) products, towards a product offering with an operational lifecycle and additional services called “Servitization”. Here an attempt is made to extend the lifecycle and to optimize or to shorten it in the context of durability and efficiency.

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Solution | Connect & Collect 02.

Make your products smart and Connect them to the Cloud

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Solution | Servitization Maturity 03.

Get a picture of your current situation. Set your own goals, know what you’re planning to grow and improve!

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Solution | CRM & Maturity 04.

Optimize your Customer Experience Strategy and work back towards the technology. Measure digital and physical touchpoints and map your overall customer experience.

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Solution | Predictive Maintenance & Machine Learning 05.

Get the crystal ball in the machine shop. We are going for ZERO unplanned downtime!

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Solution | CMMS / EAM 06.

Computerized Maintenance Management System or Enterprise Asset Management.

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Solution & Result | Design for Maintenance (Prescriptive) 06.

How to make it happen? The ultimate goal for an “Integrated Solution provider” could be achieved when data & knowledge in full-Maturity (DfM) can be gathered.

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Servitization, Product-as-a-Service, PRODUCT MANUFACTURER, INTEGRATED SOLUTION PROVIDER, Just-in-Time, Fit-for-Use, Smart-Workforce, LabelBlue

Servitization generates different opportunities between Asset owners, OEM’ers and Service Providers and forms an interesting economic model. Because an operational phase usually knows a long life and will contribute at associated lifetime costs. Services are also sold more quickly and offer more stability, they are less susceptible to economic fluctuations. This method is also more sustainable and very suitable for (ad hoc) adjustments and improvements, given the current exponential trend of technological developments.

Servitization, Product-as-a-Service, PRODUCT MANUFACTURER, INTEGRATED SOLUTION PROVIDER, Just-in-Time, Fit-for-Use, Smart-Workforce, LabelBlue

Choose a sustainable future with strategic Benefits and Opportunities

Just-in-Time maintenance –> Maximum availability, at lower cost, with less people.
Fit-for-Use –> Smart integrated designs, maximum delivery, lower Opex and improved Capex.
Smart-Workforce –> Coordination and direction back to basics, increasing uniformity of processes.

Bridge between 3P’s

We have 6 focus areas for Servitization and offer different proven solutions for the applications 01. until 06. (see below). We see different elements in our Servitization product that switch between internal and external processes.

People to People (P2P), People to Machine (P2M), Machine to Machine (M2M), Servitization Process, Bridge between tech and culture

Let’s connect People(P1) in a way that makes more value and is more relevant. Use easy workflows, have fun with data and generate value that is driven by its own people. Align Processes(P2) by delivering the right information to the right person or machine, and use the right information from the people of machines at the right moment. Convert Data, from big data into smart data, then decision making becomes easier. Connect Products(P3) by physical machines and objects and that’s when your products (things) become smart.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can you imagine that you are going to offer or purchase services instead of just products?
  • How do you maintain the relationship with your customers during the lifecycle?
  • What will be your product contribution within a waste less circular economy?
  • What maintenance and services are currently arranged for delivered and purchased products?
  • Are your products already connected (smart)?
  • If your products are already connected, which data is used from these (mini) assets?
  • How predictive maintenance and data analytics are used for your organization and customers?
  • Is your current revenue model solely based on product sales?
  • Which operational data is used for product designs?

Empower your process with smart designs_

We believe in closing the gap between; people, processes and products/data/it (3P’s). The full profile (01. until 06.) of needed applications can be offered to start with “Adding value” and “Servitization”.

Challenge your next product that has more value, by improved reliability and increased revenues. We offer you (01. until 06.) customized solutions. Please, fill in the below form for a Whitepaper request. Or take a sneak-preview at the “Servitization Solutions” sub-menus above.

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