Supercharge the first idea of a technology or business research, up to the preparation and start of the operation and beyond. We manage this with our organic integrated set of services, Strategic Management, Project Management, Product Development and allied Programs.

Scheper.Co is a boutique engineering & consulting firm, established in 2014. We distinguish ourselves by bridging the most valuable disciplines within your production chains. We offer scientific and field knowledge for the allied disciplines; Research & Development, Concepts/IP, Design & Engineering, Maintenance & Services and partner with innovative companies in the Netherlands, Europe, the USA, and the Middle East. By pushing boundaries, doing things differently and holding experience within numerous companies ranging from start-ups, governments, medium sizes privately owned to global organisations, we are able to bridge “The Production Value Gap” and provide solutions to difficult problems, that increase the value of businesses.
As natural integrators we know how we can pull ideas together into a cohesive and clear approach, to properly accelerate your company in today’s industrial revolution. For this, we use a variety of knowledge, techniques and tools to develop and supercharge your future technical and business challenges and are able to transform technologies (products), processes and people.

Please find also more about our history and core values, within the background, culture and #get-inspired sub-menus.


Our mission is to help leaders with a bold vision for their businesses and the willingness to convert this through innovative technologies into tangible results. We operate like pioneers, this essence guards Klavertje 4_ScheperCo_Copyrightour quality and provides a balance in our services that is empowering your future! We offer that unique fingerprint for solutions and projects that need to Inspire, Improve or Innovate with strong attention to Integrity. Integrity is more than simple honesty, it’s the key to success (I-1,2,3,4).  For empowering your future, we need to mention it is our highest goal being an incubator and acceleration company for innovative technologies and radical ideas.

Empower Your Future_

What is our goal_

We believe that it is possible to contribute to a better and sustainable world by integrating smart, efficient, and high-quality technologies and methods. This may seem like an idealistic mission, but we have several opportunities to improve our existing resources significantly. Our services and products/programs are available well-balanced starting from efficiency, conceptual thinking, new necessities and information, and/or better alternatives. We want to foresee the unforeseen and like to make this tangible.

What triggered us particularly, are the arisen developments and possibilities in the area of ‘smart connected products’, which offer unprecedented opportunities to optimize concepts and existing designs. Smart data generates information that hasn’t been foreseen previously. It offers a considerable increase with unprecedented opportunities to add end-to-end value to our production chains. Due to financial reasons, the need for customization and support will increase. Towards end-users (customers) this eventually will make a difference. This could mean that existing designs can be improved or there are better alternatives, where ‘designs know no limits’. Products of the future need to accomplish the highest economic value and reliability and become fit-for-use by applying high-quality maintenance/services, advanced analytical tooling, holistic design and engineering studies and top-of-the-line research & development.

The smiling curve – Stan Shih – shows the full overlap of disciplines. We bridge this “Production Value Gap” and distinguish ourselves with a focus on the green enlighted disciplines because they address the highest possible value for our customers and services.

Innovations, R&D, Concept, Branding, IP, Design, Maintenance, Service

What are the challenges_

We sum up a few customer challenges that can be empowered by our services and technologies;

  • Limited growth, because the most interesting value isn’t recognized
  • Service and maintenance activities form cost drivers, and the value enablers are unknown
  • Restoring profitability, cash flow and financial health is a challenge
  • Strategic and tactical plans are hard to implement
  • Lack of data capabilities, skills and knowledge
  • Incapable to empower data insights for decisions, value and customer demands
  • Plans fail because they are not executed or know inconsistencies
  • It’s easier to make a plan than to implement it
  • There are inefficient processes, workflows and operations
  • Technologies and processes are outdated and old ways of working no longer apply
  • Challenging to develop customer-centric products and services
  • Organisations apply incremental-innovation but forget that radical-innovation (moon shots) could be a safer choice

Inspired? It is time to evolve! Check out for more, we’d like to hear from you.  

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