Analytics-as-a-Service for Servitization

How many stories do we know of data/ICT-driven solutions only, that costs a lot of money
and finally don’t deliver value or even worse don’t work at all?Scheper.Co

Driving impact by joint forces

We would like to do this differently and develop for our customers agile and accessible solutions, where we provide a full set of necessary analytical solutions; as-a-Service. Because, most companies want to start carefully by making small investments at the first stage, or don’t have available resources ready. We’ve decided to engage with an accessible formula and support them with reliable, sustainable, scalable, and advanced solutions. Without the difficulty of complicated infrastructures and necessary IT/Data support to make it work.

Since 2015 Scheper.Co is applying Servitization services together with a selection of advanced technologies. Scheper.Co was partnering with innovative companies in the Netherlands, Europe, the USA, and Middle-East. At the beginning of 2019, SAS Institute showed their interest in our Servitization program and suggested cooperating. Since then, SAS Institute has become an important and preferred partner. We see opportunities together, not only because of their mentioned score as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine-Learning Platforms. But because of their full stack of applicable technologies and cloud-based analytics soft-layer that will drive our Servitization program real-time to the next level. We can provide value by increments for each company today, with a set of advanced and scalable technologies, compatible with your business requirements and organizational maturity.

Within our ecosystem, we have formed a specific group of companies, which will be part of the Servitization journey. Because SAS is working mostly at large enterprises prime (Fortune 500), where they are recognized because of their great advanced analytics, and high-quality support and services. They are also familiar with time-intensive projects and pricey execution, which is not very approachable for customers within an early maturity or specific (manufacturing) industry, who would like to discover their (first) analytical possibilities. On the other end, SAS is focussing on analytics (data/ICT), and cannot support the required field knowledge or business knowledge around; Servitization, Product-as-a-Service, Condition-based Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, Organisation Change/Transformation, and other needed mutual processes, to develop (new) integrated business opportunities and discover competitive solutions.

Most of our research has shown that Servitization solutions are executed, with loosely coupled applications, not scalable or not working at all for an integrated Servitization journey. Or there is a proposition for a small Product/IoT solution executed end-2-end, which could work very well but is not integrated for the existing full-stack, or future opportunities. To solve this issue, and to make advanced analytics accessible for every company, we provide the complete set of necessary technologies as-a-Service, completely compatible with the Servitization program composed at your maturity. It is called Analytics-as-a-Service for Servitization!

Digital Transformation within Servitization

There is a huge difference between ‘digitalization’ only, and ‘digital transformation’. Transformation is about the enhancement of people, processes, and (smart) products, and the purpose should be to offer ‘the right tools’ within the hands of ‘the right people’ which allows for generating exponential results. For our Analytics-as-a-Service + Servitization roadmap, we captured the most important enablers within our eco-system, and integrate our services around Processes, Products, and People ‘3P’s’ together with Advanced Analytics ‘A.I’. We joined forces and offer therefore unique services and provide guidance to move forward based on low thresholds, proven methods and advanced technologies. This can be already applied today and belong at one of our most promising and integrated service concepts, from the perspective of increasingly important global principles, such as; a decrease of costs, ‘cradle to cradle, sustainability, empower people (next generation), smart products, and value-added services.

Please check out below the possibilities for your company!
Increase Value
Increase Profitability and Margin
Increase Efficiency
Uptime, Performance, Quality (OEE)
Smart Products
Lean and Circular principles
Smart Workforce
Capture Knowledge and Create a Top-team
Best-Practice example

Formula 1 knows one of the most admirable and advanced environments around Digital Transformation today. F1 appeals to our imagination if we need to explain how we can start and enhance Advanced Analytics and Servitization within companies. We’ve already noticed for many decades their ongoing approach of linking challenges around Products, People, Process with Advanced Analytics ‘3P’s’+A.I. and how to make them mutually supportive.

The results are fascinating when people work as a top-team with smart integrated technologies and processes. F1 achieves every race; a fast, safe, value-driven, innovative sport, where split seconds are really counting.

Can you imagine where you can gain more efficiency or value? 

Digital Transformation Model

The exposed 4 -cycles for Digital Transformation (3P’s+A.I) below are managed separately and jointly by Scheper.Co.
We joined forces and offer therefore unique services for supercharging your company with advanced analytics.

People, Process, Product, A.I.

Please, click on the [4 Tabs] right below and you will find out more about our integrated professional competences for your journey. We’ve included technologies together with outstanding knowledge and abilities based on; Process, Product People and Advanced Analytics ‘3P’s’+A.I.

Tabs ↓

ProcessProductPeopleAdvanced Analytics (A.I.)

The digitalisation of company processes will provide more Business Efficiency and Optimization, never the less it also contains new business models. How can we find these values in IoT? In our opinion, it’s about Sense, Understanding, and Act to generate this Value. Connected data will be one of the most important enablers.

How do we start the Process?

We Improve your Process around your company and product by; Connecting your product (mobile monitoring), equipment (remote monitoring) or plant (on-premise), together with your current or future needed operational systems (ERP, EAM/CMMS, Predictive Maintenance, Machine Learning, S-CRM, etc.). Collect your data wherever you want, and we engage by Learning and Doing this together, based on best-practices and share static powerful visualizations.

We start this journey based on the following principles;

  1. Engagement
    1. Collaborate 
    2. Develop a hypothesis
    3. Value proposition 
  2. Consult
    1. Assess the Potential, from the “AS IS” situation
    2. Process & Capabilities (3Ps + A.I.)
    3. TO BE state
    4. Digital Framework (concept)
  3. Outcome
    1. Develop Business Case
    2. Template Digital Framework (Performance / Value)
    3. Digital transformation (start)  
      1. Hypothesis, Experiment, Revise & Launch 

We Improve our deployment by a continuous improvement cycle, together with your team and our shared field knowledge.

How can we Innovate your products and equipment?

Based on a pragmatic approach, with guidance from the product development cycle. Together with Advanced Analytics, we can generate opportunities to innovate products significantly. These inventive products, with our focus on the sectors Agriculture,  Energy Industry, Smart Industry and Water Industry need to accomplish at least some of the following principles; More Economic Value, Increasing Efficiency, Smarter Designs, More Sustainability or become more Reliable.

The need for customization and support will increase and our approach is equipped in a combination of; People knowledge, Theory knowledge, Data knowledge, Variation knowledge, System knowledge in a technical and social context (Holistic). If analytics within companies become more mature, Prescriptive Analytics (Design-for-Maintenance / Product Lifecycle Management) will generate the next valuable outcome.

We hold our Product development experiences within the following subject area’s;

  • Idea Generation
  • Conceptual Design
  • Mechanical- and Systems Engineering
  • Product Engineering
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Machine Learning and Analytics 
  • Bio-mimetics

We have also the ability to increase our R&D capacity, by directing research and innovation teams on your needs.

How can we Inspire people and adapt your change process within this journey?

Change is the only consistency, together with InExtern we offer skills; Team coaching, Management development and Organisation development. This collaboration provides also a rapid scale-up with experienced people when projects are executed.

We provide integrated solutions:
This need to support the change process and maintain this by continuous improvement, based on the below steps;

  1. Explore
    What is happening?
  2. Expectation
    What do we expect?
  3. Exceeding
    What is working?
  4. Enforcement
    How do we sustain?

The partnership SAS-Scheper provides together advanced analytics, for a powerful acceleration within this journey.

We can execute this quickly with small increments because we provide our analytical capabilities ‘as-a-Service’ (Analytics-as-a-Service). This approach is pretty unique and accessible and will save our customers time, money, and necessary support. The customer pays only for use! We provide these custom A.I. solutions ‘outcome-driven, not software-driven’

This approach will protect our customers also from time-consuming and complex integrations, and prove value to all stakeholders/decision-makers.

We provide our Advanced Analytics platform that facilitates; analyses, reporting, data mining, and predictive modelling, which results in powerful visualizations and interactive dashboards (necessary KPIs). We generate insights by Statistical Analytics, Visual Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Prescriptive Analytics.

We provide integrated solutions for;

We Improve our deployment by a continuous improvement cycle, together with data scientists and field knowledge. Generate and discover more value from your products and processes.

Based on the above Digital Transformation (3P’s+AI) approach, we are able to supercharge your Servitization and Analytical journey. Below you find an overview of the mentioned services and product roadmap. We can generate value for all stakeholders/decision-makers, no matter which maturity or business requirement you are challenging around the Servitization topic. We oversee the landscape starting from the ’70s until today!

Maturity of Analytical Product Solutions

Within this topic, as mentioned, we provide different sets of (IoT) scalable and proven solutions. We hesitate to provide a ‘Spaceship’ at our clients, which need a more ‘Sporty car’ first. Each solution needs to establish an overall improvement with an integrated impact.

The picture below provides 4 Maturity levels that are particular within the Servitization journey and their main characteristics. Different studies and practices have shown, benefits between Stage 1 – 3, which could realize 12% – 30% more efficiency. Between stage 3-4, we’ve noticed odds, with increasing revenue profit growth of 15%  – 35%. We’ve also noticed that companies are not able to establish a decent foundation layer (stage 2-3), and are inclined to leap from stage 1-2 directly to stage 4.

The orange icons show our full-stack of 10 Advanced Analytics product solutions integrated within the Servitization program. Please, request detailed information and pricing about these Analytical product solutions at the contact form below.

These Scheper.Co Analytical products are provided based on a monthly fee (as-a-Service), within stage 2 until stage 3. Each stage provides an extension of the already installed technology, so we amass the necessary only solutions within every stage. This lean and agile approach can be quickly installed, based on; find fast or fail fast. If there are for instance problems around data, infrastructure, resources, 3P’s, etc. it is possible to freeze the application for a while and activate it as soon the situation is ready for further use.

Within stage 4 we don’t disturb you anymore with all the necessary technologies. We prefer that you focus on your core business like we also prefer to do. Analytics-as-a-Service for Servitization at the highest level until prescriptive analytics (A.I.), means revenue models are defined; per click, per unit, amount of tags, etc. Whatever our customer prefers. Every solution should bring the best value for each.

Prescriptive analytics enables improvements like; predicted information about; new product releases (design with data/AI), new possible features, customer incentives, higher product-value (output), circularity (revamp).

Video | Applied Technologies – Analytics as a Service 

All together now

Servitization empowered with Advanced Analytics should be an organization-wide initiative. Breaking the departmental silos across the organization and adapting the above digital transformation enablers to unify people, processes, and products (technologies), supercharged by analytical technologies is necessary for most initiatives to succeed.

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