Solution – CRM & Maturity | Servitization

Optimize your Customer Experience Strategy and work back towards the technology.
Measure digital and physical touchpoints and map your overall customer experience.

Servitization evolves your customer contact People-2-People. Customer loyalty, needs, and behaviour need to be monitored in an overall Customer Experience (CRM) during the complete lifecycle of products. Customer acquisition costs an average of 5 to 7 times the customer retention. However, delivering services has a much longer scope. Because hereby the added value and retention will change the relationship between companies and customers.

These relationships know an increasing development, it’s an ongoing process. At the same time, CRM evolves also into SOCIAL CRM. We can have your CRM strategy and selection completed within a few weeks. Together with reputable partners we can implement new software or improve the existing software. The strategy is supported by a ‘CRM Scan’ and ‘Sessions’ that provide an overview of your ‘CRM Maturity’ and Products. Every company delivers different products and added value, however, they use mostly the same resources for doing business.

To get the picture from the current Customer Experience Strategy Maturity;

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