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Period of Execution

  • Start: July 2016
  • Finish: Nov 2016


Predictive Maintenance software | Data Warehouse infrastructure

Value-added elements

  • Software suppliers
  • Commercial Product Integration “AYE”
    (Amplify Your Effectiveness) 1st launch 2018
    My Agrifac

Company overview
Agrifac increase yields on less productive farmlands, where Agrifac sees huge yield gaps between current production levels and those possible, with improved production practices, mechanization and precision farming. For instance, combined with innovative sprayers they are able to achieve higher yields and provide each plant what it needs with less crop protection. This business contributes to a brilliant simple solution in helping farmers to feed the world in a sustainable manner.

Business challenge
Can you improve our worldwide services through connected machines? Can you develop solutions for harnessing the power of analytics for Agrifac? We would like to know the opportunities and threats of analytics as a service provider. We need to understand the strategic choices that have an impact on our complete organization. For this, we need to understand the differences between analytics (predictive maintenance, machine learning) and other data analytical processes.

Why Scheper.Co?
Empower your process with smart designs. Scheper has a background in the agriculture world, combined with a deep understanding of customers. Together with the knowledge about maintenance and asset management from the energy sector, this forms a unique combination for the next challenges within this sector. Agrifac needs a conceptual thinking approach in which new ideas arise for farming. Where “pay per hectare” forms a decent opportunity.

How Scheper.Co helped?
We tried to answer the question “what might happen with the technical machine condition in the future?” High-quality maintenance is an important activator in this matter, which needs to be supported by a real-time Machine-to-Machine connection. We would like to improve utilization and reduce maintenance and repair costs. We provided an end-2-end software solution, that is able to read +300 triggers (sensors, switches, valve positions, etc.) of each machine, and foresee tiny changes within operation.
The software consumes and supervises unsupervised (un)structured data that is gathered from the machines, by a combination of machine learning, graph analytics, and expert knowledge. This dedicated pin-point solution predicts failures and identifies abnormal operation for PdM. The alerts are accurate and early enough to take action. Agrifac receives alerts over all the (+2500) connected machines in time, with no overflow of alerts.

Customer quote
Brilliant simple – 4e for growers” Scheper helped Agrifac well on our way for Servitization. We now have a roadmap for the various topics Customer Journey, Predictive Maintenance and Machine Learning. By his contribution, we have better visibility about the consistency and it gives us a clear view on the opportunities and choices that we have to make (Mr. W. Kamps – CFO Agrifac).

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