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Design-for-Maintenance (DfM) – Prescriptive

How to make it happen? The ultimate goal for an ‘Integrated Solution provider’ could be achieved when data & knowledge in full-Maturity (DfM) can be gathered about; The ultimate goal for an “Integrated Solutions providers” could be achieved when data & knowledge in full-Maturity can be gathered about; People-2-People, People-2-Machine and Machine-2-Machine processes.
People-2-People, People-2-Machine and Machine-2-Machine processes (3Ps). This allows establishing a holistic system approach, for R&D/Concepts, Branding/IP, Design, Maintenance/Service. Overall, in this direction, we want to distinguish ourselves, check also Scheper.Co introduction link.

Below you find a brief overview of the lifecycle process of a product and related governance. It describes core processes within the complete lifecycle and decisions around repairs, modifications, and renewed products within all stages. For Services and Integrations (S and I) within the product lifecycle stages, there are different possible service-bundles, between OEM, Asset Owner, and Service Providers. Think about; product limited support, system leasing, managed service solution, total solutions, complementary services, etc. This will influence the product lifecycle process, from production (DI/TI), until support, disposal (OI/Re) levels, and decisions about the Nett value.

It’s essential to conduct continuous measurements for understanding the product performance requirements based on the following three basic elements, DfM forms a key element for success;


  • Design Integrity – design, engineering, data-, people(customer)-, technical-, system-knowledge
  • Technical Integrity – construction, assembly, quality, testing, commissioning (variation), etc.
  • Operational Integrity – operational performance, cost, longevity, overhaul, innovations, etc.

A strategic approach to product and process development”.‘S-&-I’ Improved designs find a balance between “Science and Intuition”

1) Possible new processes and product launches ‘new releases and services’ (Blue dashed line A-B).
2) Optimize and improve processes, products for the ‘installed base’ (Grey dashed line C-D-E-B-F).


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