Solution – CMMS / EAM | Servitization

(Computerized Maintenance Management System or Enterprise Asset Management)

How to monitor the right KPI’s and get the job done for Servitization? Use best-practices for product management. Get the maximum value out of your products and Design-for-Maintenance. We call this Machine-2-People process. These systems handle (predictive) maintenance and asset management data and processes on multiple levels and can give operating insights. The value of products in combination with services and ownership becomes more important.

When OEM’ers and Service providers really deliver added value, they also need to deliver additional services with SLA’s (Service-Level-Agreements). What is agreed with the (end)user in this SLA needs to be monitored and controlled. Many of these specific SLA items can be controlled by the CMMS / EAM or additional and more detailed with an OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) tool. This OEE tool gives an overall insight about Availability (uptime), Performance and Quality.

To achieve this SLA level, you need to calculate the “value potential” of maintenance and asset management on product/machine levels. At this level you calculate the free generated cash flow over the 4 leading items by the VDM control panel. You can calculate with the below formula the present day and the considered lifetime of the product.

Asset Utilization (AU) | SHEQ Control (SHEQ)  | Cost Control (CC) | Capital Allocation (CA)

Modification, Life-extension, Renew or Replace, the 4 leading items (AU, SHEQ, CC, CA) provide a good indication for decision-makers about these ongoing life-cycle processes.

To achieve this we offer cloud-based Maintenance and Asset management software that schedules, organizes and tracks all your maintenance activities. This system keeps all these processes on CMMS / EAM level, both for smaller companies and very large companies. It’s fast, better and for less CMMS software, compared to old-fashion complicated and expensive software systems. The benefits of this CMMS / EAM system is a combination between asset (fleet) management and maintenance and supports many functions:

  • Lifecycle functionalities                       –>  Customized management solutions
  • Advanced generated reports               –>  User dashboards, VDM control, Maintenance insights
  • Customer report generator                 –>  KPIs, OEE, SLA
  • 3rd party integrations                          –>  API integrations, Connect, Get Updates, Integrate
  • Fine interfaces                                       –>  Check schedules, Plan technicians, Work Order coordination
  • Easy for use                                            –>  Add asset/equipment from scratch
  • Offline SaaS functionality                   –>  Field Services, phone/touchpad, GPS locations
  • Inventory controlling system             –>  Tools, Inventory, Other assets, QR-codes

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