Scheper.Co – Engineering and Consulting, established since 2014, creates end-to-end value chain innovations by providing Product development, Digital Transformation, and Servitization consultancy. We Intent to Inspire, Innovate and Improve ‘I4’ by empowering Processes, Products and People ‘3P’s’  together with Advanced Analytics ‘A.I’. We believe in an approach that provides; Increasing Efficiency, Smarter Designs, More Sustainability, Rewarded and Improved processes, where your ideas and challenges are converted into reality.

For this, we bridge the gap and provide added-value within product development and maintenance/service challenges, and empower this by advanced analytics. We apply best-practices, and if these are not present, we will take care of this, so that our customers can be focused on their core business. We partner with innovative companies in the Netherlands, Europe, the USA, and Middle-East.

We believe that it is possible to contribute to a better and sustainable world by the integration of smart, efficient and high-quality processes and products. This may seem an idealistic mission, but meanwhile, we have several opportunities to improve our existing resources significantly. Our services and products are available well balanced starting from efficiency, conceptual thinking, new necessities and information and/or better alternatives. We want to foresee the unforeseen and we like to make this tangible.

What triggered us particular in this latter, are the arisen developments and possibilities in the area of ‘smart connected products’, which offer unprecedented opportunities to optimize concepts and existing designs. Smart-Data generates information that hasn’t been foreseen previously. It offers a considerable increase with unprecedented opportunities to add end-to-end value to our production chains.

This could mean that existing designs can be improved or there are better alternatives, where ‘designs know no limits’. We see a ‘light and easy future’ with smart connected products along with smart (self-repair) materials and components which are designed-for-maintenance (DfM). Products of the future need to accomplish the highest economic value, highest reliability and become fit-for-use, by applying high-quality maintenance/services, advanced analytics, and engineering, to serve a zero-footprint.

Due to financial reasons, the need for customization and support will increase. Towards end-users (customers) this eventually will make the difference. Overall, in this direction, we want to distinguish ourselves. The smiling curve – Stan Shih – shows the fully domed overlap of our services.

Innovations, R&D, Concept, Branding, IP, Design, Maintenance, Service

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