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We are happy to announce that TC World Magazine has picked up our latest insights and possibilities about Content-as-a-Service.
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Intelligent content forms the information fabric of an organization that wants to digitally transform itself. Intelligent content is content that is treated as a valuable business asset. It is modular, written, and stored in small chunks (or topics). These modular chunks can be reused in a variety of outputs and each chunk is its own “single source of truth” – thus making it easy to write, reuse, and update. Intelligent content is also semantically rich. This means that it is tagged with information that makes it easy to find. Finally, intelligent content is separate from output format. This allows you to use the same content in a variety of contexts, displayed on a variety of devices, while still maintaining the single source of truth. Intelligent content creation should be an organization-wide initiative. Breaking the departmental silos to unify content across the organization is necessary for any digital transformation initiative to succeed.