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Green-Eye Technology |

Agriculture Industry

Period of Execution

  • Start: 2018 – Q3
  • Finish: 2020 – Q2


  • Field Scouting by A.I. – Customized field scouting at sub-mm levels
  • The Largest database of weeds worldwide
  • Identify weeds down to family & genus level
  • Affordable solution for end-users
  • Plant level, Species-level, Agrochemical, and multi-geographic analysis are covered.


  • Advanced algorithm (real-time)Customized spray-plan. Stop spraying fields entirely. Get in control on weed-level, reduce the use of herbicides.
  • Green-on-Green technology
    • Differentiating between weeds and crops in real-time —> relevant through all spraying cycles.
  • Green-on-Brown technology
    • Detect weeds at pre-planting and post-harvest —> limited value.
  • A.I. Scouting (commercial product)
  • Selective spraying system (SSP)
    • Software
    • Sensors & Hardware
    • PWM system
  • Control on weed-level
    • Weed population analysis
    • Genus level analysis
    • Differentiation of leaves and grasses
    • Detection of materials and rocks

Background Weeds

  • Weeds are defined as plants that grow where they are not wanted.
  • 5 million weeds emerge on every acre of cropland every year.
  • Weeds compete with crops for water, minerals, nutrients, space, and sunlight.
  • Weeds are a significant threat to crop production worldwide, can cause up to 50% in yield loss.

Status (2018) Herbicides Applications

Chemical-intensive treatment – Farmers spray their entire fields uniformly. Market failure: Herbicides do not distinguish between the crop, bare soil, and weeds. More than 50% of the herbicides sprayed in vain. Economic loss – The cost of herbicides can range from $15 to more than $100 per acre. Environmental damage  Soil and water contamination, biodiversity loss, etc. Herbicide-resistance weeds  Over 160 species of weeds in N-America are resistant to herbicides.

The global herbicides market was worth $ 27 billion in 2016. This market is expected to reach $ 39 billion by 2022.Herbicides market analysis

Value-added elements

  • Launching OEM’s

Company overview
Green-Eye is an Israeli company that provides solutions for Selective Spraying (SSP) by detecting and classifying weeds in real-time and spraying precisely only the weeds. Green-Eye utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning technology, by harnessing the world’s largest dataset of weeds (230 weeds with over 1 million labelled images).

This will disrupt agricultural pest control processes, by providing precise herbicide application, down to the species-level, thereby decreasing the usage of herbicides up to 90%, while increasing yield.Green-Eye

Project challenge
We provide together for OEM’s in Western-Europe a fully-embedded solution for Selective Spraying (SSP) in real-time, which improves the functionality and quality of spraying, while drastically reducing the usage of chemicals and increasing the profitability for farmers (yield management). With these precision technologies, sprayers will be used more intensively and will become a more important machine within the farming ecosystem (spray-as-a-service). It will serve each plant with the required need and helps farmers to split the input and double the output.

Customer quote
Stop spraying fields entirely. Get in control on the weed-level, reduce the use of herbicides.

Why Scheper.Co?
Empower Your Future. Scheper.Co has a background in the agriculture world, combined with a deep understanding of customers and can offer a suitable network for business development. Scheper.Co has also the capabilities for assistance with the system integration of the Green-Eye technology. And it’s also possible to add the SSP technology of Green-Eye within the Servitization program of Scheper.Co. While Scheper.Co is building solutions to improve the uptime of AG machines power-by-the-hour”, the Green-Eye can be added, to improve the performance and quality of AG sprayers, whereby spray-as-a-service can become a real opportunity for farmers and OEM’s.

How Scheper.Co helped?
We helped by defining the strategy and operate with business development activities in this first approach. The strategy for this technology is NOT to build new machines and try to push them into the market, and trying to compete with the OEM on market share and re-educate farmers. We have chosen the strategy to work with OEM as a strategic partner for the development and distribution of its SSP system, by integrating the SSP system at the OEM sprayer and sell this fully-embedded “smart” machine to the end customer. We think this is the most scalable path within a farming eco-system, and this will disrupt the way chemicals are being sprayed today.

May 2020, Syngenta invests $7m seed round for Israeli autonomous chemical reduction tech! “In just a few short years, farmers worldwide will be implementing Greeneye’s revolutionary technology in everyday use” It’s time to invest in a more resilient food & ag industry.The result after the 1st funding round (2017-2020)

Video’s Green-Eye Technology 

Video | Realtime selective spraying (test set-up)

Video | A.I. Field-scouting

Video | Selective Spraying System in corn



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