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Locally produced healthy food forms 80% of the total food supply. Food is growing at a microscale with low energy consumption, less water usage, short transportation distances and without season issues. Based on competitive prices and possibilities for new available jobs. Leave the desk and add nature activities for own purposes.

Smart Industry, Robotics, IoT


How climate change affects farming on current acres?

  • Decrease of value from current acres, because of depletion (Social).
  • The value of “nature acres” becomes competitive for other resources (Social).
  • Artificial farming becomes a sustainable alternative for food production (Social).
  • Food scarcity, boosts production by 70% (Social).
  • Vertical farming gives higher yields than acre farming (Technological).
  • Vertical farming is competitive because you can farm at the microscale (Technological).
  • The value of current acres is decreasing because of lower yields (Economic).
  • Climate change needs an increase of water supplies at acres (Environmental).
  • Climate change makes farming at current acres unpredictable (Environmental).
  • Paris Accord (Political).

Next Steps MTP_

`Smart Food Systems` Use local resources for farming and adapt these products based on human DNA levels, based on suitable food consumption at the microscale.


We realised that Agriculture, Vertical farming, Artificial farming, Aquaculture, and Print farming technologies could deliver enough healthy food for everyone, without the necessary needed amount of high-energy consumptions, water resources, additives and logistics costs. All based on the needs of a specific demographic area. We create an abundance of food supported by new technologies.Chris Scheper


After experiences in 2017, I discovered changes within farming technologies mentioned “Smart Precision Farming”. But this only covers 1 keystone, of the many other needed resources for an efficient food supply. We realized that most farmers are producing more and more food by farming bigger acres for countries miles away from their supply. We need to organize different forms of farming technologies and make geographic maps of farming possibilities and needs in a local area.

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