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Fendt |

Agriculture Industry

Period of Execution

  • Start: Jun 2019
  • Finish: Frozen in 2020, during Covid-19


SAS Analytics for IoT |  SAS Viya (cloud) |  SAS Event stream processing (edge)

Value-added elements

  • SAS Institute Inc. EME
  • CBM Pilot with partner SAS Institute
  • Smart manufacturing e.GO, E4TC Aachen
  • Volvo Live demo, edge tech, E4TC Aachen

SAS is the leader in analytics.

Company overview
Fendt is not just a name, Fendt is a conviction. With Fendt tractors and harvesting machines, farmers and contractors can reach their goals faster and with a higher yield. Power. Performance. Efficiency. Innovation! The Fendt brand offers leading products to make farmers more successful. Fendt is building exceptional machines, products, and services for farmers, so farmers can harness their own passion to produce excellent quality with maximum efficiency.

Pilot challenge
Can you provide us necessary advanced analytical power for CBM / PaaS? We are interested in your solution, that differentiates from the current landscape. We would like to build a scalable solution, suitable for 60.000 machines annual. This is necessary to decrease downtime and unplanned repairs and prevent Over-Maintained or Under-Maintained risk of machines. With these kinds of technologies, we can make our Servitization strategy real and help our customers to become the highest yield!

Why Scheper.Co?
Scheper.Co turbocharged our subject matter experts based on their experience with agricultural machinery and industry knowledge about Servitization within the PoC. AGCO would like to start a pilot together for Complete machine monitoring and Predictive Maintenance, what are important enablers for Servitization.  SAS Institute Inc. and Scheper.Co forming a combination for engineering knowledge and data science with advanced technologies, based on; Statistical-, Visual-, Predictive- and Prescriptive analytics. We create impact by analysing “bad actors” or we can scale data-driven decisions. We empower your business until A.I. >< The power to know! (SAS-Scheper.Co).

How Scheper.Co helped?
What do we solve? We provided a scalable solution for AGCO’s fleet, where we can monitor, analyse, and improve all data for Servitization. Benefits; Guarantee Uptime and Performance, Increase Customer satisfaction, Monitor the Overall machine condition (CBM). Scalable because of; Volume by a huge amount and growth of data. The Velocity of data that is generated by real-time machine connections. Variety by handling the changeable nature of all data. The SAS analytical models are; automated and data-driven for Servitization and decisions, pre-defined and give insights by democratized advanced A.I.

Customer quote
High-tech solutions for professional farmers feeding the world. “Profitable growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality, and commitment”.

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