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Make your products smart and Connect them to the Cloud

OEM’s manufacture equipment that keep the world running. But the world is changing and OEM’s have to deliver beyond initial sales.

Think about earlier mentioned;

  • Maintenance
  • Support
  • Performance Guarantee (SLA)
  • Data monitoring (through the life-cycle)

With smart connected products (things), companies can build and support complete new technology-infrastructures. For this, you need eyes and ears over all your equipment all the time. Consider the timely needed information for your team, insights about availability and business insights for Asset owners (user).

We can have your equipment connected (up & running) within a few days without IT support. Together with reputable (international) partners, we Connect your product, equipment or plant with a field agent. We Connect your equipment at the cloud and transmit data securely to wired Ethernet or through Wi-Fi or a 4G network. You can monitor your equipment in real-time. We Collect your (Big)-data wherever you want.

When your equipment is connected you are able to;

  • See remote utilization and increase asset availability.
  • Predict problems and solve them before they occur.
  • Identify many opportunities (A.I.) and improve your designs.
  • Make revenues with new services (Servitization).
    • Monitoring
    • Maintenance
    • Warranty programs (SLA)
    • Parts Repair

The investment will have a fast ROI. Benefits; Improve productivity (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), Cost Reduction, Risk mitigation, Revenue is growing.

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