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Within the last months, we have created additional solutions for your Servitization journey, together with SDL.

Content has a critical role to play in the customer experience and the shift to Products-as-a-Service, but many organizations face significant challenges before they are able to deliver the digital-first strategy that is needed.

Many content teams remain rooted in the world of print. Content production processes and workflows that have worked very effectively for print over the decades are struggling to meet the new demands of a digital world. And as the volume of all forms of content that are needed rises, this approach is increasingly becoming unviable.

For many companies, content production is still product-centric, and more often than not, siloed by individual products or product areas—usually with their own processes, systems and ways of doing things.

Content production has understandably mainly been driven by the aim to create, manage, translate and publish content as easily and cheaply as possible. The primary goal is cost reduction rather than the added value approach that is needed if companies are to make the most of the opportunities servitization creates.

So how do companies overcome these challenges and evolve their content production to meet the needs of a Products-as-a-Service company?

Make your content intelligent!

Intelligent content shines when it is centralized across the organization—without the barriers of departments

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About the authors

André Schlotz (VP Global Automotive & Manufacturing Solutions – SDL)

André Schlotz, a graduate mechanical engineer, was holding various management positions in automotive and manufacturing companies for product development, customer service, process organization and IT applications before joining SDL – now part of RWS – in 2013. He has more than 20 years of experience in process consulting, planning, implementation and operation of IT applications, as well as in sales of industry solutions for the automotive and manufacturing industry.


Chris Scheper (Chief Technology Officer – Scheper.Co)

Chris Scheper is the founder of Scheper.Co, a boutique engineering and consulting firm based in the Netherlands that offers advanced services and develops innovative products. He has a sustained track record within engineering, servitization, project/operations management, and strategic consulting. He has significant experience and an international network within agriculture, sustainable energy and smart industries.


John Ling, Head Writer at RWS

John Ling, is an experienced writer and marketer. A Chartered Marketer, for more than a decade he reviewed the latest marketing books for The Chartered Institute of Marketing and has written books on customer communications and campaign planning for them. He is passionate about marketing and its power to drive growth by giving customers what they want.