COO Mr René Burema is taking early retirement!

Our COO Mr René Burema is taking early retirement. We would like to thank René for his involvement and commitment. Before Covid-19 was our working relationship more intensive, but the pandemic was for René decisive to retire early. Hope your retirement is as rockin’ as you imagined it would be! We wishing you a Happy retirement.

Best Regards,
Team ~ Scheper.Co

Fendt HQ Marktoberdorf
Fendt HQ Marktoberdorf

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

We look forward to working with you in 2021.

Scheper.Co is Launching | Analytics-as-a-Service

Empower your future

We empower your manufacturing business, with the most advanced A.I. systems! We make advanced analytics accessible for every company and provide the complete set of necessary technologies as-a-Service, compatible within the Servitization program composed at your maturity. It is called Analytics-as-a-Service for Servitization! The call for action, for every manufacturer or service provider, to make value out of services related topics.

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Advanced Analytics and Servitization at Fendt | AGCO

Please check out below our latest workaround Advanced Analytics and Servitization at Fendt!

Predictive Maintenance | Servitization

We provided a dedicated pin-point solution to predict failures (tiny changes within machines) and identify abnormal operation for predictive maintenance by advanced analytics and AG-machine expert knowledge. No new sensors, No hardware, Just create value by a better way of analysing data.

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Condition Based Monitoring (real-time) | Servitization

We provided a scalable solution for AGCO’s fleet, where we can monitor, analyse and improve all data for Servitization. Benefits; Guarantee Uptime and Performance, Increase Customer satisfaction, Monitor the Overall machine condition (CBM).

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Digital Transformation – Scheper.Co

Digital Transformation will be essential for every company, and it can be already applied today! There is a huge difference between ‘digitalization’ and ‘digital transformation’. Transformation is about the enhancement of people, processes and (smart) products, and the purpose should be to offer ‘the right tools’ within the hands of ‘the right people’ which allows generating exponential results. For this is organisational top-down guidance essential.

Digital Transformation belongs to one of our most promising and integrated service concepts, from the perspective of increasingly important global principles, such as; a decrease of costs, ‘cradle to cradle’, sustainability, empower people (next generation), smart products, and value-added services.

We provide a powerful acceleration for Digital Transformation and a Servitization journey. For this, we captured the most important enablers within Scheper.Co’s eco-system, and integrate our services and product-solutions around Processes, Products and People ‘3P’s’ together with Advanced Analytics ‘A.I’. We joined forces and offer therefore unique services and provide quick access with low-thresholds for advanced technologies.

Please check out below the possibilities for your company!

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Team – Scheper.Co

Scheper.Co 2020

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Check out the links for our Services, Digital Transformation and Servitization.
We look forward to working with you in 2020, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

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SAS and Scheper.Co – Joint Forces

SAS and Scheper.Co are proud of their partnership and build great things.

Check the intro movie below and turn your sound on! 

Agriculture has connected us but connecting People, Processes, Products, and Data drives us every day. We bring Servitization to life and generate increasing economic value, increasing reliability, build fit-for-use products and go for a Zero-footprint. | |

AGCO Servitization (Product-as-a-Service)

Scheper.Co is launching the full embedded Servitization (Product-as-a-Service) program within AGCO, for the brands Fendt / Challenger. We are very pleased to support this top-level brand, with our designed and selected IoT products. Follow our products and stories about Servitization!

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019

Scheper.Co – Ambassadeur Smart Industry NL

In november zijn wij ambassadeur geworden van Smart Industry NL

Powering Smart Industry & Empower your process with smart designs.
Smart Industry heeft een mooie ambitie voor 2021 in Nederland t.a.v. “smart” topics;
Sustainable Factory, Connected Factories, Digital Factory, Advanced- en Flexible Manufacturing, Smart products, Smart Working en Servitization!
De laatste 3 topics hebben onze focus en wij bieden daarin specialistische kennis met oplossingen. #Servitization #Smartproducts #Smartworking #Smartindustry