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Wasse & Farmax |

Agriculture Industry

Period of Execution

  • Start: May 2017
  • Finish: March 2018

Methods, Techniques, Tools

Business model generation | Value proposition design | Connected machine (Soil improvement) | SWOT | CRM software | Social Listening software

Value-added elements

  • Software suppliers
  • Blueprint (phases roadmap)

Company overview
The Farmax spaders prepare (specific) soil structures on any type of acre with multiple operations in one single passage that saves time, energy, money and a decrease in necessary soil loads. The Spader is a kind of digging machine which mixes soil to a depth of 200 – 400mm incorporating clay, lime, stubble, green manure, fertilizer and/or trace elements. This provides a perfectly prepared bed for planting or sowing, mostly essential for high crop yields. Spading is a familiar technique in the Netherlands and is frequently used for soil improvements.

Business challenge
Can you improve our product strategy related to “precision farming 4.0” and our sales worldwide? The Spaders are designed and manufactured by Farmax and the worldwide sales, service, and guarantee is exclusively been carried out by Wasse the Netherlands. We have distributors in different countries, Australia (Groocock Soil Improvement), Canada, USA, Colombia, South-Africa, Finland, Denmark, etc. We would like to improve the segmented businesses and spading technology with new ideas, independent advice, and a future roadmap. We desire to operate more as a team and improve the individual knowledge of the existing resources and expertise between involved stakeholders around Farmax.

Precision Agriculture

Why Scheper.Co?
Empower Your Future. Scheper has a background in the agriculture world, combined with a deep understanding of customers and machinery. Together with the knowledge about precision farming and existing customer experiences, this forms a unique combination for the next challenges within this sector. Wasse & Farmax needed a conceptual thinking approach in which new ideas arise to align their existing product within precision farming and create awareness about the worldwide possibilities for soil improvement, enabled by IoT.

How Scheper.Co helped?
We have provided a blend of our Services (Strategic Management and Product Development). The organizational challenge of one product with different stakeholders at different locations needed to be aligned and improved. We interviewed and coached local and international stakeholders and created for each stakeholder a scope for the (near) future about cooperation, business expansion, digital (platform) and technology innovation. We achieved this for example by an online sales strategy and in-house software solutions to provide stakeholders, distributors and worldwide clients with smart guiding tools. We developed a distinct mission for the “future” spading technology, defined in a roadmap. This solution will provide a leap for soil compaction, and -fertility problems, and value-added services.

Customer quote
Don’t settle for good results, always look for more… We are satisfied with the roadmap and possibilities to increase our sales. The relationship between different stakeholders has been improved. The blueprint was the right choice to communicate business and technology ideas and expectations for the future. It gives us also a clear view about combinations between different (existing) technologies and secures more data on the product and customers.

Video | Spader operation

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